With all of the fast and frequent changes that happen in the medical insurance industry, it is nearly impossible for a practice to maintain a positive cash flow. Using our professional medical billing services will help you reduce your overall expenses—especially because it significantly reduces your payroll overhead. Not only are we in the business of reducing your expenses, we work to improve the quality of your practice by:

  • Reducing claim error rates through electronic claims processing
  • Increased reimbursement speed
  • Reduced rejected/denied claims
  • Working appeals
  • Monthly patient billing
  • Soft collections
  • Consulting
  • Insurance verification

To learn more about teaming with EDGE Billing & Consulting, check out this article that explains the top 10 reasons outsourcing medical billing in Texas is beneficial to you and your practice. Continue reading below to learn about the services we offer or to fill out a form if you have additional questions. We look forward to working with you soon, and we appreciate your interest in partnering with us.