Our highly-experienced staff members are experts in all aspects of billing compliance. From insurance guidelines to authorization requirements and more, we have the advanced knowledge to manage your billing department in a way that is going to improve your cash flow while also allowing you more time to spend with you patients. We are HIPPA compliant, so you will never have to worry about privacy infractions for you and your patients. We are a completely transparent and flexible medical billing company that prides itself on having no hidden costs, ever. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a demonstration, please get in contact with us today.

Our Texas Medical Billing Process:

  1. In-House Data Entry: Your office sends the necessary information, and our highly experienced staff familiar with insurance guidelines handles all of the required steps.
  2. Claim Accuracy: We check the claims for accuracy prior to submission and transmit the claim to the appropriate payer.
  3. Claim Posting: There are multiple posting options; we utilize electronic remittance notices.
  4. Resolve Denials: We work ALL denials that can be resolved with the insurance payer and generate secondary claims and patient statements.

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