For a practice to thrive, they need to be able to do two things: see a certain number of patients during practice hours and prevent patient attrition. While this seems like a simple thing to manage in the beginning, in reality, it can become increasingly difficult as the practice grows. As you bring in more patients, you end up with more paperwork and less time during the day to actually spend with those patients. Ignore the patients or speed them through their appointments and you’ll run the risk of losing them to another practice. Ignore the paperwork, though, and you end up not being paid for your services and getting bogged down in the backlog of data entry.

It can feel like a no-win scenario for a practice. However, when it comes to striking a balance between your patients and your paperwork, outsourcing your medical billing in Texas could be the answer you need. Consider the ways that outsourcing your medical billing will increase patient satisfaction within your office.

How to Improve Patient Satisfaction With Outsourced Medical Billing

Better service from the very start of the appointment.

Many smaller doctor’s offices can’t afford a dedicated medical billing team. They end up doubling up on job duties and asking their front desk team to fulfill two roles: that of a medical biller and that of the first person the patients interact with when they walk through the door or call the office on the phone. Unfortunately, when someone’s focus is split between these two tasks, it means that neither task is getting their full attention. Ultimately, this can lead to a front desk staff who is stressed, behind schedule, and trying to rush through their patient interactions so they can get back to the paperwork. That can leave your patients feeling undervalued. Patients have a high expectation for the customer service that they receive, whether it’s in a retail store or their doctor’s office, and failing to meet that expectation can cause them to make that appointment their last one in your office.

When medical billing is outsourced, though, your front desk team has one job: patient care. They can take more time with patients on the phone as well as then they walk through the front door for their appointment. Your team can provide a higher level of patient care simply because they have the time to do so, and the patient ends up feeling valued and cared for. That kind of treatment increases their loyalty and keeps them with you for years.

Longer appointment times allow patients to be heard.

There has been growing complaint in the United States that doctors are rushing through appointments and not taking time to talk to patietns about their symptoms or concerns. It’s a valid complaint, but it’s often one that’s largely out of the hands of the doctor. For a practice to survive, it needs to be able to see a certain number of patients each day. When you are trying to see so many patients as well as complete their paperwork (and maybe even take a lunch break once in a while), it leaves precious little time for the actual appointments. So doctors attempt to gather as much information as they can in the shortest amount of time possible, and in the end that leaves their patients feeling rushed. And when patients are paying for their care, often out of their own pockets, they are going to look for a doctor who provides more value for their money.

The only solution is to eliminate something from the daily schedule. And since you need your patients, and they need you, then the paperwork part of the day is what needs to go. Imagine being able to treat your patients without worrying about getting your paperwork finished in order to get paid! That would allow you to spend more time with each patient, building more of a personal relationship with them as well as giving them a higher level of care. This sort of interaction can lead to more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment options. And it’s all possible when you outsource your medical billing to an experienced company.

Fewer billing errors affecting patients.

It’s not just what happens during the office visit that can affect patient satisfaction. What happens with the bill will have a big impact on how patients view your office, as well. Health insurance can be an extremely complicated matter; you might have senior patients on Medicare, low-income patients on Medicaid, patients paying for their own health care costs out-of-pocket, and patients with multiple coverage options. None of it is going to be easy or straightforward, but your patients are depending on you to get it right. It could make the difference between them getting the coverage they deserve and them getting stuck with a big medical bill that they can’t (or simply won’t) pay. Inexperienced medical billers are going to have a tough time keeping up with the changes in medical billing, even more so if they are also asked to provide reception or front desk services. In the end, it can lead to more billing errors, angry phone calls from patients, and a patient base that chooses to find a doctor’s office who can provide them with the correct bill in a timely manner.

Outsourced medical billing such as Edge Billing and Consulting is staffed by experienced, knowledgeable medical billers. Their sole focus is on getting the job done correctly and efficiently, providing your patients with an accurate bill and you with the payment that you need much sooner. Patients who know they can depend on your office to get their billing right are going to be far more satisfied with their overall experience with your office and are more likely to retain you as their physician. You’ll be able to provide them with a positive medical experience from beginning to end.

Bring Patient-Focused Care Back to Your Texas Practice

If your office is losing patients to other practices, struggling to keep up with paperwork, or if you feel like you’ve lost focus on the care of your patients, it’s time to look at outsourcing your medical billing in Texas. Working with a trusted medical billing company can help you put the focus of your office back where it belongs: on the patient. Freeing up your internal resources to care for your patients will increase your patients’ satisfaction, sure; it’s also going to increase your own. Get passionate about your practice again and leave the paperwork to us. Contact our team to learn more about outsourced medical billing. You can reach us by giving us a call or contacting us through the contact form on our website.