1. How Outsourcing Medical Billing Increases Your Cash Flow

    Cash flow can be a big issue for a small practice. There are numerous causes for cash flow problems, including rising operational costs, too much inventory, and the need to invest in medical equipment to treat patients in a growing practice. But three of the biggest reasons for cash flow issues in a medical office are: Getting behind on paperwork. You can't get paid if the insurance company doesn…Read More

  2. How to Make the Switch From In-house to Outsourced Billing

    Some medical practices delay making the change from in-house billing to outsourced medical billing because they are concerned that the transition process will be complicated, long, and fraught with issues. In reality, though, most practices find the transition to be much easier than they anticipated and end up wishing they'd made the switch sooner. After all, the sooner they make the switch, the …Read More

  3. How Outsourcing Medical Billing Improves Patient Satisfaction

    For a practice to thrive, they need to be able to do two things: see a certain number of patients during practice hours and prevent patient attrition. While this seems like a simple thing to manage in the beginning, in reality, it can become increasingly difficult as the practice grows. As you bring in more patients, you end up with more paperwork and less time during the day to actually spend wit…Read More

  4. Five Ways Outsourcing Medical Billing Boosts Your Bottom Line

    When you are a healthcare professional who has been taking care of your medical billing in-house, outsourcing your billing may seem like a scary change. Many medical practices feel like they may lose control over their billing work or that they will have to pay lots of money to outsource. In a previous article, we debunked common myths about outsourcing medical billing. In this article, however, w…Read More

  5. Debunking Common Myths About Outsourcing Medical Billing

    When you are a healthcare provider, your medical billing is an extremely important part of your practice. Ensuring all regulations and procedures are closely followed is of the utmost importance to guarantee you are receiving proper and timely payment for your services. In a previous blog, we examined the benefits of outsourcing your medical billing, but there are still common misconceptions about…Read More

  6. Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Billing

    As a healthcare professional, your primary focus is on your practice and the well-being of your patients. Why spend a second of your valuable time worrying about billing and keeping up with the latest billing regulations when you can trust the professionals at EDGE Medical Billing. When you partner with us, we guarantee a completely transparent billing process that is seamless, with access to trai…Read More